Hi there

So, I’m sitting at the orthodontist office waiting for my daughter to get her braces on. She is 13, therefore, completely over dramatic about the entire process. Thinking about what I should write for my first blog post. I suppose I should say a little about myself…so here goes.

I am born and raised Seattle. Parents divorced when I was 6 and don’t have any relationship with my father. Married at age 21. Two kids later, divorced at age 33. I am a survivor of DV and am a stronger person for it.

Before the divorce I was a stay at home mom. Forced to go back to work, I became a school bus driver because it gave me the flexibility to still be around for my young kids without a whole lot of day care time. I met my current husband here.

I got remarried 3 years ago and this relationship is better than any that I have had with any man in my life. Let’s just say that he spoils me rotten. He cooks, he cleans, he grocery shops…like I said, he spoils me. He provides for my kids when I cannot and their sperm donor won’t.

My husband came with 3 girls of his own and 1 granddaughter. Since we got married, our family has grown by another granddaughter and one grandson. Someone at work has nicknamed us the Brady’s, and I can’t really disagree!

I love my Seahawks. Don’t even get me started on the Forty-whiners! I have been working on my family tree for about 30 years (off and on). I go through spurts. I also make rag rugs, can fruit stuff, cross stitch and photography. These are some of the things I will talk about, I suppose, as well as just every day life. Don’t know if anyone will care, we shall see!


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